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May 11 2012

Megan Fox in Sharper Sharper Image Hotness

May 11 2012

Nathalia Ramos Working Out in Public idriff-workout-gear-01/

March 9 2012

Dennis Quaid Wife Files for Divorce

September 16th 2010

Heidi Montag Almost Loses Her Bikini Top in Ocean

Yeah, she is crazy. Yeah, I prob. wouldn't want to date her for an extended period of time, but I got to say dam Heidi Montag is hella hot! Check out these pictures, anyone who says otherwise must be crazy. I'm looking at these pics and I'm like wow! Check Heidi Montag pictures here.

September 13th 2010

One more Kim Kardashian Nipple Picture

Don't you just love Kim Kardashian. She complains about the sex tape and the previously unreleased Playboy pictures getting released, but the irony is isn't this the reason she became famous in the first place? Look at these nipple poking pictures of Kardashian walking down the street. She doesn't even have to be naked to be super lust worthy. Check out the pictures here.

September 13th 2010

Kim Kardashian Nude Pictures Released By Playboy

Check out these unreleased nude Playboy pictures of Kim Kardashian. They are hot! I don't care what anyone says Kim Kardashian is extremely hot. These pictures prove it. Check out the nude brand new previously unreleased Playboy pictures here.

September 13th 2010

Sophie Monk Nipple Slip Pictures

Check out Sophie Monk nipple slip pictures at the beach. Here is a link to the Sophie Monk pictures.

January 26th 2009

Amber Heard Nude Video from The Informers

Watch the nude video from The Informers. Amber Heard gets nude in her new movie, The Informers. Watch the unrated nude trailer + see the pictures.

September 7th 2008

Mena Suvari Nude Sex Scene from Stuck

Click here for the Mena Suvari nude sex scene video.

July 9th 2008

Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures, What Did The Hulk Say About These Sexy Pics?

If you watched the show Hogan Knows Best you will wonder after seeing these sexy Brooke Hogan pictures, where was the Hulk? Brooke is looking good in a small black bikini getting wet in the water. Check out the Brooke Hogan sexy bikini photos .

July 9th 2008

More Keeley Hazell Nude Pictures in Maxim

Yes! Keeley Hazell is nude again in the pages of Maxim. Check out the nude photo set.

July 9th 2008

Miss Washington Embarassed by Leaked Photos

Some scumbag, possibly an X, or jealous friend leaked these photos of Miss Washington. TMZ is shocked by these photos saying Miss Washington should "take the crown off before flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on and making suggestive oral sex gang signs." I think it's much to do about nothing and Miss Washington has done NOTHING wrong, except having a good time. Check out the Miss Washington suggestive photos here.

June 5th 2008

Keeley Hazell's Breasts Are At It Again.

Keeley Hazell the best breasts in Britain is in Nuts. Yes, Nuts Magazine is featuring Keeley Hazell's breasts and I must say they look great. Check out the nude photo set here .

May 12th 2008

Megan Fox has a Killer Body!!!

Enjoy these Megan Fox topless pictures. Judging by these pictures I'd say her body is a perfect 10. Natural, in shape what more could you ask for? If you don't believe me check the pictures out for yourself .

May 12th 2008

Keeley Hazell Best Breasts in Britain?

Check out Keeley Hazell's breasts. They are probably the best breasts in Britain and may be even 1/2 of the world. See Keeley Hazell topless pictures . See even more pictures of Keeley Hazell this time nude at the beach .

April 15th 2008

The Newest Sienna Miller Topless Pictures

See the topless pictures of Sienna Miller .

April 15th 2008

Nude, Naked Picture of Carla Bruni Sold For $97,000

Really, is a naked picture of Carla Bruni worth $97,000? I don't think so. Carla Bruni is a former model now married to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The picture was sold to a Chinese art collector at 20x more than the predicted price.

April 15th 2008

Jessica Gibson Charges Rob Lowe With Sexual Harassment

Yes, it's true Jessica Gibson is suing Rob Lowe for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, retaliation, unpaid off-the-clock work, overtime wages and unpaid meal periods. She?s asking for damages in excess of $50,000. She said unless she was paid off by Friday she would go public with this information. Blackmail anyone? So in defense according to MSNBC, "Lowe decided to fight back first by posting a strong denial on the Huffington Post Web site, and then by filing a $1.5-million lawsuit against Gibson." Sue, sue, sue!!! Lowe described the claims made by Gibson as "False Terribles." And in the end who will get the most money? It will be the lawyers. So one word of advice to all the kids about to graduate go to law school that's where the real money is at. I don't know what to think after seeing the interview on the Today Show. The thing that I don't get is she worked for Rob Lowe on and off for 7 years. If it was so bad why didn't she quit and go to the police? Rob Lowe sounds like a scumbag for sure, but that piece doesn't make sense.

April 9th 2008

New Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

She may be annoying, but Kim Kardashian has got to be one of the hottest girls on the planet. has the bikini pictures to prove it. See the Kim Kardashian bikini picture set .

March 24th 2008

Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough Dancing With the Stars

For the first time since Dacing With the Stars went on air I have watched a full episode. The reason I started watching was because I'm a huge fan of Adam Corolla's radio show. Before Corolla danced for the first time he was saying he might have to divorce his wife, run off with Julianne Hough, and open up a dance studio in Mauii. Now I've found another reason to watch and that's Shannon Elizabeth.

See the American Pie nude picture set of Shannon Elizabeth

See Shannon Elizabeth in Dancing With the Stars

March 23th 2008

Audrina Patridge Nude Pictures

Yes, we have all of them. Audrina Patridge Nude Pictures. Audrina Patridge is a star of the MTV TV show called The Hills. The nude pictures of Audrina Patridge surfaced last week on the Internet. According to Patrdige, the photos were taken several years ago after she finished high school. You can see Audrina Patridge on ?The Hills? Monday at 10 on MTV.

March 23th 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre Nude Pictures! Can We Blame Eliot Spitzer?

See the new leaked Emperors Club VIP Pics of Alexandra Dupre. Why were they leaked is my question. Was it for publicity or was it to devalue any nude photos of Ashley Alexandra that may come out in the future. Girls Gone Wild initially offered Dupre $1,000,000 to pose nude. Already having nude photos released on the web may cool any new offers to pose nude. Whatever the reason here are the nude pictures leaked my Emperors Club VIP.

March 20th 2008

Lindsey Lohan Viral Marketing Video

Viral marketing for celebrities the new Lindsay Lohan sex tape. Well we think it's Lindsay Lohan, look real close. It might be coming out in the near future... read about it here

February 20th 2008

By Now You Probably Heard About Them, Lindsay Lohan Nude Photos

Get all the photos here thanks for Thank you Lindsay Lohan nude photos appeared in New York Magazine. I was just watching a celebrity gossip TV show and they say Lindsay Lohan's Mom was perfectly fine with the Marilyn Monroe inspired pictures. I totally agree with Mom.

See the Lindsay Lohan nude photos here

January 29th 2008

College of William and Mary to Allow Sex Workers' Art Show

Yes, you heard right it's the art show heard around the nation called the sex workers art show. The sex art show is on the campus of Williams and Mary. I think Las Vegas has something like this... it's called The Adult Entertainment Expo. It's higher learning at its best. Check the story out here, I could hardly believe it.

January 28th 2008

Mac and Bumble Interviews the Incredibly Hot Samantha Blake

Dam! This girl is hot! Watch the Mac and Bumble interview of Samantha Blake on In the process of listening to her the boring story of her life they flash to more interesting stages of undressing.

Even better skip the interview and only see the naked parts of the Samantha Blake video. Click here to watch the video with no unnecessary talking!

Samantha Blake Picture From

January 23rd 2008

Lindsay Lohan Nipple Slip Pictures

You asked for them, you got em. List of links where you can find Lindsay Lohan Nipple Slip Pictures.

- See through top
- Side boob shot
- Holding boobs in a bra
- See through pics
- Lohan chilling candids
- Dress nipple slip
- Water nipple slip

More... Just throwing some more links in.

- Jessica Alba GQ Magazine June 2007
- Lucy Becker topless bikini pictures

January 23rd 2008

Penelope Cruz's Digital Camera was Stolen!

You might ask me why this is suck a huge story. Well it's because the digital camera contained nude "intimate" pictures of Penelope Cruz and her boyfriend Javier Bardem. Penelope Cruz's attorney threatens legal action if the pictures make it to the Internet. I will keep you posted on this!!!

January 22nd 2008

Kim Kardashian is Hot! Want Some Pictures?

Check these topeless semi nude pictures of Kim Kardashian. She has got to be one of the hottest women in the world. If you didn't have enough from the bikini pictures you can watch the Kardashian's every week on the cable channel E. The show is called, "Keeping Up With the Kardashian's." Here is a link to the hot bikini pictures .

January 22nd 2008

Heath Ledger Dead at 28

Heath Ledger dies at 28. Very, very sad. is reporting that he had a substance abuse problem. His newest movie is Batman, The Dark Knight as the Joker.

"Heath's Family: He Did Not Kill Himself (TMZ)."

"TMZ has learned Heath Ledger was sick with pneumonia when he died today in NY (TMZ)."

"Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs. Cops also found Ambien, along with several medications prescribed in Europe (TMZ)."

Updates on the way...

January 15th 2008

Whopper Freakout Ghetto Version

The Whopper Freakout Ghetto edition banned from YouTube now only on

January 14th 2008

Tiffany Pollard AKA New York Sex Tape

Not something that I particulary wanted to see, but it seems VH1's New York AKA Tiffany Polland has made a sex tape. View the sex tape here at ZShare mto_ny_sextape.wmv.

January 8th 2008

Meet the new Bond Girls

See the new Bond Girls. "James Bond has two new Bond Girls. Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton will co-star in the latest installment of the 007 franchise opposite Daniel Craig, Columbia Pictures has announced ("

January 6th 2008

Who is the hottest female American Gladiator?

Well I'm kind of embarrassed to say this, but I watched the new TV show on NBC, American Gladiator. If I had to review the show I'd call it somewhere in the middle of awful and horrible. Between the scripted lines and commercials for Subway there are mediocre "battles" at best between contestants and American Gladiators. I thought for sure the Gladiators would dominate the matches, but all the contestants seemed pretty much on par in regards to athleticism. On a positive note the hottest American Gladiator of all time has to be Crush AKA Gina Carano. She doesn't look like the typical female American Gladiator, but she's quite the athlete. Crush's specialty is Muay Thai Boxing.

January 6th 2008

Kelly Brook Topless Nude Photos

Kelly Brook is getting nude on the beach in these photos. Check them out at If you can't get enough of the photos here is a link to last year's Kelly Brook topless photos. These are even better of her .

January 3rd 2008

Lindsay Lohan's breasts. This is a link to ALL Lindsay Lohan breast pictures. Very good site I found called . It's a no BS site full of links to your favorite celebrities.

January 2nd 2008

First of all I'd like to say to everyone Happy New Year! Although this blog isn't as big as I want it to be has seen tremendous growth from it's beginning in early 2007.

Vivica Fox has a Sex Tape? Well Blow Job Tape Which According to Some Ex Presidents Isn't Sex. Close Enough...
According to Hip Hop Crunch, "Actress Vivica A. Fox is rumored to be featured sucking and slurping on a male acquaintance in a steamy oral sex tape set to hit the ?Net later this week." So every celebrity it seems has a sex tape and I think it's kind of funny. It?s the new viral marketing for celebrity. Sex tapes are the one thing that cuts through the noise and gets people to watch and listen to what a celebrity has to say. To me these sex tapes are more of publicity stunts than actual scandals. If you are a celebrity and stupid enough to make a sex tape than I feel you deserve to have this kind of thing happen to you. If you are a celebrity my advice to you is to expect that sex tape to be released at some point in the future. Right now the Vivica Fox sex tape is a rumor, but this "leak" might be real. Vivica career isn't on the fast track by any means and to suggest the existence and produce an actual sex tape might just be what Vivica Fox needs to re-launch her career.

December 19th 2007

Lindsay Lohan & Courtenay Semel Just Friends?

So Jessica Alba is pregnant she's off the market, Jodie Foster is gay, and now there are rumors Lindsay Lohan might be at least bi too. The stories lately are killing me. Now I have to face twice the competition in regards to Lindsay Lohan playing on both teams. "One Hollywood insider claims they've been living together in an LA house for a month." Read more about the Lindsay Lohan and Courtenay Semel rumors.

December 19th 2007

"Don't Taze Me Bro" Rap Remix by Doobie

"Don't Taze Me Bro" keeping with the memorable quote theme I have going on at it was one of the most memorable quotes of 2007. If you don't remember what happened here ya go... UF student Andrew Meyer disrupted a John Kerry speech at the university and was escorted forcibly from the event. When they had Andrew Myer on the ground he resisted police attempts to hand cuff him. At that point the police officer pulled out his tazer and you can hear Andrew Myer saying, "Don't Taze Me Bro."

December 19th 2007

Miss Teen USA 2007 Lauren Upton - South Carolina Answers a Question

The 2007 most memorable quote lists is out and Lauren Upton the Miss Teen USA 2007South Carolina is on top. This video is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen. Lauren Upton gets asked the question, "Why can't some Americans locate the United States on a map?"

December 19th 2007

Jessica Sierra Sex Tape Photo Still

American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra's sex tape is coming out very soon. For now here is a photo still of the Jessica Sierra sex tape. Read more about the Sierra sex tape.

December 18th 2007

Britney Spears' Sister is Pregnant at Sixteen. Britney is "frantic."

Just when I thought Britney Spears and family couldn't get anymore trailer trash Britney Spears' sister gets pregnant at 16! I'm not ranking on Britney Spears sister, that just sucks. Britney Spears according to the always reliable TMZ is "frantic." Jamie Lynn stars in the popular Nickelodeon TV show "Zoey 101. Read about the Jamie Lynn pregnancy .

December 17th 2007

Everyone Wants Them! Well We Got Eh... The Story! Alycia Lane Bikini Photos

This reminds me kind of like what happened on NBC's The Office where Michael Scott e-mailed Dunder Mifflin Jane's bikini photos. This is kind of what happened to ESPN anchorAlycia Lane when she e-mailed her bikini photos to Rich Eisen. According to the National Ledger, "Alycia is divorced and apparently looking for love again in all the wrong places. She sent Eisen an e-mail saying she was going to L.A., and she attached some risqu? pictures just to whet his appetite. But, whoops, Rich is married to Suzy Shuster." I can't for the life of me find the "official" photos, but I will keep you posted!

Alycia Lane Photos???

December 13th 2007

Jodie Foster Finally Comes Out of the Closet, It's Official "I'm a Lesbian"

Two stories in two days that deserve a... "NOOOOOOO!" So first Jessica Alba gets all pregnant on us, which sucks. Lets hope what happened to Britney Spears doesn't happen to Jessica Alba too. I always thought Jodie Foster was kind of hot, kind of... given the right movie and role she was somewhat easy on the eyes. Now I realize I never had a chance with Jodie Foster all these years because she's gay. Read all about Jodie Foster and being gay.

December 12th 2007

Say It Aint So! Fantastic Four Star Jessica Alba Pregnant :(

Yes, the hot and sexy Jessica Alba is pregnant according to a BBC World article. Jessica Alba pregnancy due to her boyfriend Cash Warren's sperm donation. All I can say Jessica Alba... you missed your chance with me. Jessica Alba is expecting her baby in late sprin or early summer. Read more about the Jessica Alba pregnancy.

November 9th 2007

Want to Awesome New Lindsay Lohan Nipple Showing Through Shirts Pictures?

I thought so... with no further adue here they are. Click here for the whole Lindsay Lohan picture set. I know this isn't any big deal any more for Lindsay Lohan, but I never get tired of seeing these kinds of pics from Miss Lohan. As long as she's willing to oblige I'll keep on posting. If you don't want anymore Lohan pics just e-mail me so far no e-mails have been received... What a shocker.

November 9th 2007

Marie Osmond Divorce? Allergic to Air? Get the latest news from

So far no new news about the Marie Osmond divorce, but I will keep the readers posted. Thanks everyone for reading and making EgoParty such a success. One tid bit of information I did find about the recent Marie Osmond fainting collapse on the TV show dancing with the stars is that it's blamed on "allergy to air." The air instead the studies where the show is filmed she claimed was "bad." Fainting happens... so to make a controversy out of this is kind of sad. She porbally hadn't eaten all day and forgot to breath or something. Read the conspiratorial article here, brought to you by

September 20th 2007

Find Every Nude Scence in Any Movie Ever Made

There is a site on the internet that allows you to search all nude scenes for every movie ever made! The best part is it's free. The site is called You can search Celebrity Movie Archive by movie/TV, show name, description, and file name. I searched Angelina Jolie and one of the pictures that came up was Angelina Jolie in the movie Mojave Moon.
Click here to start searching for your favorite celebrity nude scene

August 20th 2007

Vanessa Minnillo Nude Pictures

Pictures of a topless Vanessa Minnillo nude pictures have surfaced. In case you don't already know Vanessa Minnillo is Nick Lachey girlfriend. Vanessa Minnillo is looking good!
Click here for the sexy Vanessa Minillo nude pictures.

August 17th 2007

Haidi Klum Topless for Jordache

Heidi Klum is topless for Jordache jeans. Heidi Klum is looking very sexy in the new ads for Jordache magazine. Heidi Klum born June 1, 1973 is looking better than ever is these ads. All I can say is dam she's hot! Take a look at these sexy topless Heidi Klum pictures here. Click here for the new sexy pictures of Klum. Some feel that the pcitures of Heidi Klum might of been Photoshopped. I say may be... but it can't be that much. She still is looking good!

July 11th 2007

Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures and Drunk Jet-Skiing

Mariah Carey is looking so good in these boat Mariah Carey bikini pictures. Mariah Cary is wearing a greenish sexy bathing suite carrying around a very large glass of wine. The wine glass that Mariah Carrey is holding is so big she gets a little tipsy and begins to ride a jet ski. Mariah Carrey's judgment riding the Jet Ski might have been off, but Mariah wearing the sexy bathing suite was right off. View the whole set of sexy bathing suite pictures here.

June 22nd 2007

Perez Hilton at is a copy write infringer!

Perez Hilton gets shut down by the paparazzi. Read about it here.

June 21st 2007

Just Timberlake in Manpris.

Justin Timberlake trying to make a fashion statement in half shorts, half pants. See the disastrous pictures here.

June 21st 2007

NEW! Sexy Lindsay Lohan Pictures!

- Sexy Lindsay Lohan Pictures here.

June 21st 2007

NBC Paying Paris Hilton $1,000,000.00 for Interview?

NBC News is currently trying to negoriate a 1 million dollar deal with Paris Hilton for a first out of jail interview. The interview with Paris Hilton would appear on the Today Show. Read more about the Paris Hilton first out of jail interview here at the New York Post,

June 21st 2007

Girls Feet Get Cut Off at Six Flags

The girl was injurned when riding the Superman Tower of Power
Read about it here.